Cantos VC

Cantos is a VC firm investing in future-changing technologies in climate, techbio, aerospace and computing. The new brand identity system reflects their bold mission, starting with the logomark, a symbolic portal to the future. Vibrant gradients of blues, greens and purples used across the brand collateral speak to a fluid future dynamically coming into focus.

I worked on this rebrand from initial ideation to final render, and played an important role in shaping the look and feel. Once we locked in the visual direction, another designer and I worked to flesh out digital and print assets as well as brand guidelines. I also lead the creation of case study elements for the Play studio website, communitcating and giving direction to our 3D render artist and motion designer.


Creative Ideation
Art Direction
Identity Design
Shotlist for 3D renders
Brand Guidelines



Art Director


Brion Nuda-Rosch
Casey Martin
Claire Whitman
Dylan Wells
Ellis Latham-Brown
Kelly Scheurich
Kyle L. Beck
Leonardo Bortolucci
Simon Blanckensee

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